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Child Adoption Oklahoma

Choosing adoption and headed to delivery for labor? Many birth parents ask Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, What do I expect at the time of delivery? Birth looks a little bit different for everyone depending on so many factors.

Creating a Birth Plan

Choosing to place a baby for adoption is a difficult decision for any woman to make. Many women have concerns about the actual delivery process, and what they can expect during and after delivery.

When a woman chooses to place her baby for adoption, she can expect to be provided with information and support from both her adoption agency and medical team. Adoption agencies can work with the woman to create a birth plan that outlines her preferences for delivery and postpartum care. This can include preferences for pain management, who is present in the delivery room, and how much time the mother and baby spend together after delivery.

Adoption in the Hospital

During delivery, the woman will receive the same medical care and attention as any other woman giving birth. She will have access to pain medication and other resources to help her through the delivery process. If the woman chooses, she may have a support person present in the delivery room with her.

After delivery, the baby will be placed in the care of the adoptive family. The woman may choose to spend time with the baby, but the amount of time will be determined by the birth plan and any state laws regarding contact between birth parents and adoptive families.

Adoption Post-Birth

The woman placing her baby for adoption will also receive postpartum care from her medical team. This may include counseling, support groups, and resources to help her cope with the emotions and feelings she may experience after placing her baby for adoption.

In addition, our adoption agencies offer ongoing support and resources to birth parents after placement. This can include counseling, financial assistance, and even visits with the child as they grow.

While the decision to place a baby for adoption is never easy, women can expect to receive compassionate care and support throughout the delivery process and beyond. Adoption agencies and medical professionals strive to provide the best possible care for birth parents and ensure that their needs are met throughout the entire process.