Help! I’m Pregnant and Not Ready to Parent.
What are my Unplanned Pregnancy Options?


Let us help you navigate your unplanned or unwanted pregnancy options!

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If being pregnant is the last thing you expected in your current situation, and you’re at a loss for what to do. You are not alone! Adoption Choices of Oklahoma knows that this isn’t what you imagined, but life doesn’t always go as planned. You are not the first woman to face an unplanned pregnancy and you certainly won’t be the last. 


Certainly there are a multitude of situations that you may be in that led you to consider adoption. Maybe you are pregnant and facing a difficult circumstance such as homelessness, drug addiction, or facing incarceration. Perhaps the baby’s father isn’t involved, is unknown, or you were sexually assaulted or in a domestic abusive situation.


Maybe the state is involved in your life and you know when you give birth, they will be there to take your child away. You can fight the system in hopes of gaining back parental rights or you can make the decision to place your child for adoption and give them the chance at life’s opportunity.


Further, some women are just not ready to parent and don’t want to have a baby. And this is okay! Any reason is okay! No matter what your pregnancy situation is, adoption is an option and you are brave for considering such. Pregnant considering adoption? Our professionals are here to support you in Oklahoma and we are armed with the experience to help.


What is an Unplanned Pregnancy?


An unplanned pregnancy is exactly as it sounds… a pregnancy that wasn’t planned for. Surprise!! Most pregnancies in the U.S. are unplanned. But some of them are also unintended or unwanted. Maybe the timing isn’t right, maybe you feel too old or too young to parent. Perhaps you just never wanted to have kids. Although unplanned pregnancy is often associated with single motherhood, prevalence is high among women who are cohabiting or married as well.


Available Options for an Unplanned Pregnancy:

oklahoma unplanned pregnancy options


  1. You can parent and raise your child yourself
  2. Terminate the pregnancy
  3. You can make an adoption plan with our adoption agency


Each pregnancy option comes with it’s own considerations, pros and cons, financial, medical, and emotional factors. Parenting is permanent and responsibilities are endless. Are you in a position to raise a child? Do you have the financial means, stable environment, and mental readiness?


If considering terminating your pregnancy you must make sure you are within Oklahoma specific state laws. While it is legal, there are strict requirements; and a huge emotional scar that can remain. An adoption plan might be the best choice if parenting nor terminating are. This adoption plan gives you the control and chance to make the decisions. 


Like any other pregnant woman, you have choices. You create the plan, you choose the adoptive family, you determine the level of openness and contact, you establish your birth plan. And you have financial, emotional, mental, medical, and legal assistance. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma will discuss all of your unplanned pregnancy options before moving forward. This way, you can choose the path that is right for you

Support Options for an Unwanted Pregnancy:

Pregnant considering adoption? Are you feeling like you don’t know where to start? That’s okay! Adoption Choices of Oklahoma will help you take that first step by answering any and all questions to better prepare you for what lies ahead. Through each step of your adoption journey, we are here to help. You don’t have to face an unplanned pregnancy alone.

  1. We can offer financial assistance
  2. You can choose the type of adoption
  3. We can help with rent or housing placement
  4. You can choose the adoptive family
  5. We can provide free counseling
  6. You can create your hospital birth plan
  7. We can ensure proper prenatal care
  8. You can receive post-placement support

Our staff is available to help 24/7. We won’t judge you, we won’t pressure you, we will be waiting to discuss your options! It doesn’t matter if you are married, divorced, single, already have children, young, older, middle-age, or in any particular situation. We work with pregnant women who are considering adoption.


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Facing an unplanned pregnancy is scary, but facing an unplanned pregnancy as a teenager is terrifying. When a young girl finds herself unexpectedly pregnant, she usually feels lost and helpless. She may not know what to do or where to go. Usually, when people think about how to address unplanned teenage pregnancies, three things come to mind: motherhood, adoption, and terminating your pregnancy. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma works with a variety of women and girls every day. We educate them on the adoption process so they can make the best decisions.

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Unplanned, Unwanted, Unexpected Pregnancy Options


If you are unexpectedly pregnant or do not want to parent, adoption is an option with our licensed, nonprofit adoption agencies across Oklahoma. We serve birth parents across the state with offices in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Adoption Choices will come to you though or meet virtually! You do not have to come to our office to get help. We are local or we will travel. You are not just a name and a number with Adoption Choices. We personally advocate for our birth parents and get to know you, your situation, your needs, and provide you with the best adoption services available.


Many of us are birth parents, adoptive parents, or adoptees ourselves and we pride ourselves on the connections we make with our families. Who you see on our Meet the Staff is who you will meet in person (or virtually). Our staff is real people who have experienced some of the same real circumstances that you are experiencing. We know. And we understand. Finally, we want to help.

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