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Are you pregnant in Tulsa? Do you need help with an adoption plan? Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is a private, licensed adoption agency and we have the services, support, and compassion that you need through the adoption journey in Tulsa. If you are searching for Tulsa adoption agencies, we can help!

  • We are a non-religious affiliated adoption center. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering your adoption options, we respect any faith, all beliefs, and all religions.
  • Choose open adoption or semi-open adoption. While closed adoption is also an option, we advocate for you and your choice for an open adoption.
  • Adoption Choices of Oklahoma’s adoption process is always free for birth mothers and in fact, we offer many services at no cost.
  • We will never coerce you nor force you to choose adoption.
  • Our professionals can meet you in person, or virtually – it’s your choice! We prefer to meet you in person and develop a strong relationship with you to ensure you get what you need through the adoption process.
  • We advocate for birth parents.
  • Certified adoptive families are ready and willing to adopt your child.
  • We understand difficult situations such as addiction, abuse, homeless, incarceration – and we are prepared to help.

Adoption Services in Tulsa


Adoption Services in Tulsa

Our agency works with individuals and couples facing an unplanned pregnancy. We will help you talk through your options so you can make a well-informed decision about what is best for your baby and for you. Through it all, adoption services for birth mothers in Tulsa include:

  1. Financial assistance
  2. Living expenses
  3. Help find appropriate medical assistance through pregnancy
  4. A safe place to stay if you are homeless or in need of a safe living environment
  5. Free counseling with licensed professionals.


We are the best adoption agency to help you create an adoption plan to place your baby for adoption in Tulsa.

Adoption Process in Tulsa


If you’re experiencing an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy and you feel you need to give up your baby for adoption, we are here to help. Here are 10 easy steps for the Tulsa adoption agency:

  1. Call to talk with an adoption professional
  2. Meet face-to-face with a local counselor
  3. When you’re ready, create an adoption plan
  4. Receive assistance and support through your pregnancy
  5. Review potential adoptive families
  6. Meet the family and determine the level of openness
  7. Create your birth plan and deliver
  8. Final relinquishment paperwork
  9. Adoption finalization for the adoptive family (you do not need to be present at court)
  10. Continue relationship with family (if open adoption)


Through each step of your adoption journey, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is here to help. You don’t have to face an unplanned pregnancy alone. Our Tulsa adoption agencies are ready to help. Call us toll-free at: 800-898-6028. If you are local to OKC call us at: 405-755-1999. In the Tulsa area? Call us at: 918-447-7777. You can also text us ANY time from ANY where at: 405-201-6643.


Our staff is available to help 24/7. We won’t judge you, we won’t pressure you, we will be waiting to discuss your options!

What are Private Adoptions in Tulsa?


A private adoption simply means that you are working with an adoption agency and that you are voluntarily choosing to create an adoption plan for your baby. With a private adoption, as the birth mother, you are primarily in charge of your adoption planning. For example, you can choose the adoptive family for your baby, choose the type of adoption, determine an appropriate birth/hospital plan for yourself, and receive financial, medical, and emotional support.


The opposite of a private adoption would be a situation in which the state (DCS, DHS, etc.) becomes involved in your life. In this case,  removal of your children is involuntary. You likely don’t have a choice in where your children will live.


Private adoption does not cost a birth mother money. Services are always free for birth parents. Understand too though, that parental rights are permanently relinquished. You will not be able to get your child back at a later date. Adoption is permanent.

Maintaining a Healthy Pregnancy When Choosing Adoption in Tulsa


healthy pregnancy adoption agency in Tulsa

If you are placing your baby for adoption in Tulsa it is important to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Eating a nutritious diet during pregnancy is linked to good brain development and a healthy birth weight, and can reduce the risk of many birth defects. A balanced diet will also reduce the risks of anemia, as well as other unpleasant pregnancy symptoms such as fatigue and morning sickness.


Adoption Choices of Oklahoma will make sure you have the resources for a healthy pregnancy – food and groceries, access to pre-natal vitamins, and advice and support! Please note, prenatal care is not a requirement when choosing adoption. If you have not received prenatal care, it’s okay! Contact us and we will discuss your unique situation!

Giving Baby Up for Adoption


We understand that the decision to give your baby up for adoption may be one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make. However, we want you to know that giving your baby up for adoption is not giving up.

Choosing adoption means that you are putting your baby’s needs before your own. It shows great strength, courage, and love to make this decision. Adoption allows your child to have the best possible life and opportunities, with a family who is ready and willing to give them all the love and care they need.

It is important to remember that giving your baby up for adoption does not mean that you are abandoning them. You are making a responsible and selfless decision for their future. Your love for your baby will always be with them, and you will be a part of their story forever.

Please know that there are many resources and support available to you during this time. Remember, adoption is not giving up. It is making a compassionate and loving decision for your child’s future.

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