Open, Semi-Open, or Closed Adoption?
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Types of Adoption in OK


In an adoption plan with a private adoption agency, there are three different types of adoption to choose from. These include: open adoption, semi-open adoption, and closed adoption. Each category offers its own set of pros and cons. Openness exists to meet any and all requirements that both the adoptive parents and birth parents may have during the adoption process and beyond.

Open Adoption

Open adoption occurs when the birth mother and adoptive parents contact information is shared. No barriers are put up to prevent contact between these parties, either before the adoption is finalized, nor afterwards.

In the context of an open adoption, if the birth mother has not yet given birth, the adoptive parents may be invited to participate in preparations for labor and birth. Following the adoption, some form of regular contact is then established between the birth parent and the adoptive family.

Level of Contact

The level of contact varies across families. For some, contact may occur in the form of regular e-mail or written letter updates with pictures only. For other families, the birth mother becomes almost a member of the new family and is invited to major gatherings and celebrations.

Semi-Open Adoption

In semi-open adoptions, birth mothers are given some choice about which parents will have the opportunity to raise the child. Birth mothers are presented with multiple profiles of potential adoptive families and then choose which family they believe has the most to offer their child. Though profiles contain lots of descriptive information about each potential adoptive family, identifying information (e.g., last names, addresses, etc.) is not provided.

Level of Contact

Personal contact between the birth mother and her chosen adoptive parents may or may not occur during the adoptive process. This depends largely on the preferences of the various parties. Some families choose to contact each another during the period leading up to the birth of the child, and some choose to remain more anonymous. Often connection is maintained through a third party like an adoption agency.

Closed Adoption

With closed adoption, birth parents and adoptive parents have no contact with one another, never meeting and never gaining information about each other. The birth mother surrenders her child to an adoption agency and does not receive information about who adopts her child. All records identifying the birth parents are then sealed by the court. This information is not disclosed to the adoptive parents or to the adopted child, and there is no way for them to learn the identity of the birth mother. Only information about the birth mother’s medical history is shared with the adoptive family and child.


Up until recently, most adoptions were closed. However, this type of adoption has declined in popularity in recent years. In modern adoption, the majority of birth mothers choose to have some say in determining who will ultimately raise their child. And some level of openness.

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Private Adoptions in OK


“Types of Adoption” can also refer to private adoption vs. public adoption vs. foster to adoption. Our adoption agency is committed to private adoptions in OK but let’s define what each means:


Private Adoption

Private adoption is one of the most common types of adoptions, especially when it comes to infant or newborn adoption. In private adoption, the birth parent, or parents, voluntarily place their child for adoption, often choosing the family with whom they will place their child. The birth mother is in control of her adoption plan and working with an adoption agency makes decisions regarding placing her child for adoption.


Public Adoption or Foster to Adoption

Usually a public adoption or foster to adoption occurs when state family services are involved in your life and have taken your child away (maybe due to neglect, drug use, imprisonment or abuse). Public adoption can also occur if a woman utilizes a Baby Safe Haven.

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