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5 Ways Adoption Can Help Everyone Involved

An unplanned pregnancy has the potential to throw a serious spanner in your life. Choosing to raise children is a life-changing responsibility, and not every birth mother is ready for the change. Additionally, not every birth mother has the means to support their child. As such, many birth mothers want adoption for their babies as a means to provide them with better lives. 

Unfortunately, our society tends to place a stigma on birth mothers giving up their babies for adoption. This has led many birth mothers to doubt adoption as a way to help their children. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma wants to help dispel these negative stereotypes by empowering birth mothers like you with information. 


Starting the Adoption Process in Oklahoma

To begin the adoption process, you must first call or text us via the numbers found on our website. After confirming your decision to choose adoption for your baby, you will be assigned an adoption specialist. Your adoption specialist will come to you from one of our adoption agencies near you. During this intake appointment with your specialist, you can set your expectations for your adoption plan. This can include what kind of family you are looking for and what financial assistance you need, among other concerns. You can ask as many questions as you want.

After the intake appointment, we will start looking for a family to adopt your child. We will offer you multiple family profiles, and you can choose which family is the best for your child. You can even schedule an interview with any of these families. Afterward, all you need to do is wait for your due date. 

While starting the adoption process is a rather straightforward affair, how can it benefit your child? Can it also help me or anyone else?


1. Adoption Can Provide Your Baby With Opportunities

As the birth mother, you get to decide who will take your baby home. It is perfectly reasonable to have expectations regarding the family’s finances. You can ask if a family can afford to give your child opportunities, such as a good education. If you can’t provide these opportunities yourself, then you should have the right to find a family who can. Since our agencies receive applications from adoptive families daily, then you are likely to find a family who can.


2. Adoption Can Bring Joy to Other Families

Families come to Adoption Choices of Oklahoma for a variety of reasons. Some have conditions that prevent them from physically having children. There are others who already have children but still want to expand their family. We even accept queer couples who either can’t have a pregnancy or are unwilling to hire a surrogate. Regardless of their circumstances, they turn to our agency to experience the joy of raising children. As a birth mother, you can bring joy to these families’ lives through your decision.


3. Adoption Can Lessen the Burdens of Pregnancy

It is a well-known fact that pregnancy is an expensive affair. You will need to spend more on medical bills and other expenses, such as prenatal care and maternity clothes. This is on top of the other expenses of your everyday life. However, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma can make sure your pregnancy won’t break the bank. If you are eligible, we can cover any reasonable living or medical expenses.


4. Adoption Can Provide You With Resources to Assist Your Mental Health

Our agency understands that difficult emotions, such as guilt and grief, can accompany birth mothers through the adoption process. In addition to financial aid, your adoption plan can also provide you with free mental health support. If you are eligible, we can provide you with various forms of therapy and even mental health retreats. We can also provide support groups if you need a connection with birth mothers who understand your struggles.


5. Your Relationship With Your Child Doesn’t Have to End With Adoption

It is a valid decision for a birth mother to put distance between themselves and their child. However, not every adoption needs to be closed. As part of your adoption plan, you can choose to have an open adoption. Open adoptions allow communication between the birth mother and the adoptive family. Through this adoption type, you check on your child’s well-being. You can even make personal visits on certain occasions, such as birthdays and holidays. However, the adoptive family would still retain legal custody and can set the terms of such interactions.


Helping Yourself and Your Child Through Adoption

Adoption has helped many children and families find each other over the years. This institution has led to real happiness, and birth mothers are responsible for much of it. While it can be a difficult decision, remember the good that can come from your choice.

Help spread the joy of family by calling Adoption Choices of Oklahoma today.

Content prepared by: Moki Murillo