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Planning an Adoption When Your Husband is Not the Father of Your Child

For birth mothers, planning an adoption for your baby can come with a variety of complications. One such complication? Your legal husband not being the father of your child. But with Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, you’ll never have to worry about being alone in facing any adoption challenges. We can help you make decisions and get any legal, financial, or medical assistance you need. Our job is to care for your well-being throughout your adoption, including reducing your stress in any way we can.


For married birth mothers whose child is not their husband’s, there are some unique legalities to consider. These factors can complicate your adoption process, but they don’t have to derail it entirely. If complications do arise, our adoption agency provides the services of an attorney for any birth mothers working with us. Additionally, our trained adoption specialists are always ready to answer questions and help you make decisions. However, it may be helpful to be as informed as possible prior to giving your baby up for adoption. And one way to do this is by learning about the legal requirements and rights of birth fathers in Oklahoma.


Birth Father Requirements Prior to Adoption 

If your legal husband is not the father of your child, then some forms need to be completed. Your legal husband must legally deny paternity. Doing so removes their name from your child’s birth certificate and strips them of any parental rights. In turn, the biological father must acknowledge paternity of the child. 


If you are unsure of who the biological father is, then DNA testing may be necessary. One way to acquire these tests is by opening a court case with child support services. By doing so, the initial payment will be covered by the state. Once the biological father is determined and their form signed, their name will be placed on your child’s birth certificate. 


However, if your legal husband does not deny paternity, then your child’s biological father cannot claim it. In Oklahoma, if your child’s biological father cannot claim paternity, they have no parental rights. And as both parents need to consent to an adoption for their baby, legal action might need to be taken. Again, it may be necessary to open a court case, during which paternity can be legally established. No matter what, however, it is always best to discuss your unique situation with an adoption professional. 


Experiencing Emotional Strain During Your Adoption

The adoption process can be a stressful and emotional journey for birth mothers. Creating an adoption plan takes a good deal of time and mental energy. Birth mothers experiencing an unplanned pregnancy may feel overwhelmed at the prospect of making decisions they weren’t prepared for. And dealing with complications regarding your adoption process may only increase your stress levels. 


Additionally, your adoption process may stir up a variety of emotions. You may feel shock upon discovering the father of your baby. You may feel angry at your legal husband if the process becomes difficult and action needs to be taken. The same may apply if the biological father refuses to surrender their parental rights, as that would create further complications. And if there is more than one potential father, you may feel stressed or guilty about not knowing for sure. 


Once the process is over, however, you may feel a sense of relief. You may even feel love and/or gratitude for the people involved. Now you can allow yourself to feel—and heal from—the emotional rollercoaster of your adoption. And for those struggling to do so, our licensed counselors are at your disposal. 


How Our Oklahoma Adoption Agencies Can Help

Your Oklahoma adoption may be a difficult process at the best of times. It is a journey that can be both mentally and emotionally draining, and the number of decisions may be overwhelming. And for those whose legal husband is not the father of their child, the chances of overwhelm may only increase.


At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, it’s our goal to ensure your adoption is as free of legal snags as possible. Our adoption specialists and attorney are ready to assist you in any way they can throughout your Oklahoma adoption process. And that means we’re always here to work through any questions or concerns. 


For those seeking in-person assistance from adoption agencies near you, our agency has offices in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. We are always happy to meet with you; drive to your location; or talk via phone, text, or email.

Content prepared by Isabelle Bryan