Native American Families Welcome: ICWA in Oklahoma

Native American Families Welcome- ICWA in Oklahoma


Native American Families Welcome: ICWA in Oklahoma

Native American Families Welcome: ICWA in Oklahoma

There is a growing demand for enrolled Native American adoptive families. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is proud to serve this community offering full-service adoption support.

  • We are highly experienced with the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) laws, standards, and process.
  • A high demand for registered Native American families means a short wait to adopt.
  • From home study, to matching, birth, finalization, and post-placement, our licensed adoption agency provides wrap-around services.

What is the Indian Child Welfare Act?

ICWA, or the Indian Child Welfare Act, is important in adoption because it is a federal law that protects the best interests of Native American children and their families. The law requires state courts and child welfare agencies to provide specific measures to ensure that Native American children are kept within their families, tribes, and culture whenever possible.

ICWA acknowledges the historical trauma Native American communities have experienced and seeks to avoid further separation of Native American children from their heritage, culture, and community. This legislation ensures that Native American families have equal access to resources and support so that they can maintain and improve their capacity to care for their children.

Why is ICWA Important in Adoption?

Adoption without tribal consent or involvement can cause significant emotional, psychological, and cultural trauma for Native American children. Hence, ICWA mandates prioritizing the placement of Native American children with eligible family members, other members of their tribe, or other Native American families.

In summary, ICWA is essential in adoption as it recognizes and maintains the unique cultural identities of Native American children while promoting their safety, permanency, and well-being through the involvement of their families, tribes, and communities.